Back To The Motherland!

A lot has been happening over the last month but the most exciting thing was that I got to spend 2 whole glorious weeks in the UK!

My place of employ have been very generous with me this year. In March they sent me to San Francisco for our company's annual conference, and then in September they sent me and 3 of my colleagues to the TCUK conference held in Nottingham, UK which was hosted by the ISTC.

Although there wasn't much time for being a tourist during the conference, I did find a couple of hours to see a few sights:

After the conference was done, I took the long train ride from Nottingham down to my beloved Bristol. This trip was actually a secret trip because I've known about it for months but I didn't tell a single Bristol friend that I was coming! They knew nothing! I was really looking forward to surprising my Bristol Bestie, Lara and, although my original fun plan to show up at her work on her lunch hour was thwarted, my eventual reunion with my good friend wasn't any less joyful let me tell you!

While I was in Bristol I met up with another good friend, Jess, and then serendipitously ran into another friend Leila! Along with getting to meet up with the rest of my "Bristol Fam" a couple of times, this surprise trip really did my heart and soul very good.

To me, as Canadian as I am, Bristol is my home. I've said it many times that it's where my heart lives and I truly feel that way. Being away from my friends and my fam for long periods of time can weigh heavy. So this trip was a great homecoming.

What made it even more special was that my mother was able to join me a few days after I arrived in Bristol! I'm so glad that she's able to be my travel buddy on all these trips. Once again, I dragged her all over the place on as many adventures as we we could fit in, in a week. Our favourite little getaway was our trip to Clevedon. We visited the Clevedon Pier, popped into all the little shops, and had a lovely glass of wine at The Cellar. While we were visiting the Pier, we made the decision to purchase a plaque and I just got word the other day that it's been created and placed on the bench at row 184! Here's the photo they sent me:


All in all it was a fantastic trip and, although leaving is always very difficult for me, I know in my heart that someday I'll end up living there again and that's a day I look forward to very much.

Here's some photos from my Bristol visit: