Trip to the Kingston Farmer's Market

I've heard of the Kingston Farmer's Market for years but have never had the chance to make my way out onto the Kingston Peninsula early on a Saturday morning to check it out. I like my Saturday morning lie-ins, what can I say.

That all changed today though when I set my alarm, wiped the sleep from my eyes, and soon made my way to Quispamsis to meet up with 2 of my best gal pals so we could hop the Gondola Point ferry to the Market.

Once you arrive the first thing you notice is the smell of so many small-family food vendors. Thai, Korean, Mexican, American, Maritimer, it's all here. Maybe it's because I hadn't had breakfast yet but, oh my gosh, at this point was my mouth watering.

You can have a canteen breakfast as well (which we did try to do) but today was not a good day for the canteen staff. The line was long, the wait time even longer, and the food orders had gotten badly mis-managed. After waiting an hour for 2 eggs, bacon, and toast and still no sign of it, I ended up getting my money back from a lovely, and very apologetic staff member who gave me a voucher for a free market breakfast on the house, on my next visit. So, with money in hand, I wandered back outside to the small-family vendors and settled on some dumplings.

Aside from the minor breakfast mix-up, everything else at the Kingston Farmer's Market was an A+.

Today I came home with a pound bag of fiddleheads, some natural dog cookies, a bit of fudge, some tomato/basil/olive bread, and some mint yoghurt dip. I also bought a dozen farm-fresh eggs but didn't I go and forget them at The Country Butcher's stall?  Thankfully, they said they'd give me another dozen so guess who is going to the Kingston Farmer's Market again next Saturday, where I'll be sure to make good use of my free market breakfast voucher! ;)

Here are some of the Facebook pages of the stalls I visited today:

Overall, the weather was great, the company was superb, and the Market was fun. Looking forward to going back next weekend!

Check out some of my photos of the day by clicking the back and forward buttons on the main image.