Personal Challenge: Only Water For A Week

In the quest to give my body a little love and affection, I decided last week to go on a small detox by watching my sugar intake and cutting out all drinks other than water. So this meant no pop, no juice, no tea (*gasp*), no coffee, no spirits, and no whatever else you can think of. I was only allowing myself to drink water and that's it.

Here's how my week-long water adventure went.

Day 1

Well, aside from the fact that I almost forgot that I was on an a water-only regime twice today, the day wasn't bad actually. I went to the market and didn't get a fruit smoothie, and I even went to Starbucks and only bought a bottle of water! Overall it was a success with no cravings.

Day 2

I thought maybe I should add some lemon to my water but, no, I decided to be a purist. Today I had cravings. I wanted tea soooooooooooo bad! I could smell it being made in the house and it was a bit sad when I couldn't have any. I found myself having to remind family that, no, I don't want a glass of pop with my meal or no, I can't have a cup of tea but thanks anyway. I'm definitely peeing more than usual!

Day 3

WOW! It's like the magic skin fairy came and gave me great skin overnight! What. The. Heck?! In hindsight I should have taken a morning selfie with my amazing new hydrated skin so I can finally use the caption, "I woke up like this." I am utterly amazed! I groggily woke up in the morning, shuffled off to the bathroom, went to look at my usually tired face and morning hair in the mirror when I saw it! The skin on my face looked the best it has in YEARS! I cannot believe this drastic change. I'm more determined than ever, now that I can actually see evidence, that by just drinking your daily water your skin can actually look nourished. I'm in shock. All day long I can't stop touching my face to see if it's really real. Still no dry skin? Check! Wow...

Day 4

Skin still looks fantastic! I'm downing water like it's a cure-all. Cravings be damned, water is the fountain of youth y'all! This water challenge is a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Day 5

This has been a day. Work was very busy and stressful today and all I can think about is how badly I just want a cup of tea to sooth my nerves. I actually take great pleasure in the act of making tea. For me, the whole thing is like a ceremony. I have a certain tea I use, a certain tea pot, a certain tea bag holder, a few choices of pretty bone china mugs, and everything is in its place and well-timed for a perfect cup of tea. So, today I just sniffed the canister with my tea bags. Yes, I sniffed my Earl Grey tea. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get by. I sniffed my tea and then I drank a lot more water. Surprisingly, I noticed that I had a bit more energy at the end of my work day than I normally would on tough days like this. So, difficult day but another successful one!

Day 6

Home stretch! Turns out water is not that bad taste-wise, and today I found myself craving it like it was a sweet nectar that I couldn't get enough of.  Skin still looking good and, in fact, seems to be improving all over my body. I didn't have as much energy as I did yesterday at the end of another difficult workday but at this point reaching for a glass of water rather than anything else seems to feel a lot more natural. I find myself taking a bit more time to get a glass down but that's because I think I'm really starting to enjoy it and want to take my time with it.

Day 7

I made it! I'd say that, overall, this has been a good personal challenge and I feel really happy that I was able to complete it without any major hiccups. I feel good that I was doing something nice for my body. Now that I can see the results for myself, I know that this little week challenge has changed my views on what types of liquid I ingest. I can't quit tea forever so I know I'll be incorporating that back in but this has been really eye opening to me. Drinking my daily 8 glasses of water is now going to be a higher priority in my life. I think future me will really thank me for this. :)