Planting The New Saucer Magnolia Tree

I've become a bit obsessed with the Saucer Magnolia tree lately. So, when I saw a local nursery with a healthy specimen, I dropped the $150.00 and took it home last week.  We had a break in the rain today so it was a good day to get it planted.  Mollie decided to help, of course.

"Aren't trees for eating?" Mollie asks.

"Here mommy, let me get that leaf stuck there."

"I couldn't have dug a better hole myself!"

"Phew! That was back-breaking work!"

There's already buds so I'm hoping we'll get some blossoms this year. Does anyone else have a Saucer Magnolia tree in their space?  Do you have any helpful tips? Can't wait to see this one grow up over the years.

Mollie's brother (Bosco) who lives next door came over for a puppy playdate this afternoon too so she's had a very busy day.