My New Hair Care Routine

We can all be very self-critical but we also all have that one feature that we actually do like about ourselves, am I right?  For me, it's my hair. I haven't really deviated too much style-wise over the years. Except for that time I thought the Kelly Osbourne short spikey look would look awesome on me (spoiler alert: it didn't), I've usually kept my hair fairly long.

Exhibit A from a couple of months ago:

Well hello there super-long-almost-one-length hair!

Well hello there super-long-almost-one-length hair!

Recently I decided to put layers back into my hair. That ended up being a big mistake. Not long after I found the texture and condition of my hair really deteriorated and I developed horribly dry and split ends. So, since I have a lot of hair, I decided to cut the back of my hair up 4 inches and immediately my hair felt better. My dad gives a good blunt hair cut by the way--true story. Thanks dad! :)

I've been hearing a few people online say they no longer use conditioner in their hair-care routine and instead use hair masks and detangling sprays. Now that my hair is in a good place, I thought I'd give this a experiment a try.

One mask that I've been hearing more and more about is the Garnier Whole Blends line which has repairing masks in a good number of blends. I went with the Honey Treasures blend. It's a drugstore brand so the price was certainly right (under $10) but would it work on my hair? Well I can say that after using this mask on my hair 3 times now I'm pretty gosh-darned happy with it. My hair feels healthy, nourished, and soft to the touch.

As far as detanglers go, I think there are a lot of great brands out there that all do pretty much the same thing (in other-words, I've not been wowed yet). The one I'm using now is L'oréal's Total Repair 5 Replenishing Detangling Care leave-in spray and it does a good job of helping me detangle my wet/damp hair.

So, to summarize:

  • Got layers, was a mistake.
  • Chopped off 4 inches of hair to correct mistake.
  • Stopped using conditioner.
  • Now use a hair mask and detangler.
  • Hair feels and looks probably better than before I got layers.

Exhibit B from today:

Well hello there medium-length-super-healthy-ends hair!

Well hello there medium-length-super-healthy-ends hair!