Plus Size Fashion Focus: Forever 21

Did you know that Forever 21 has a plus size line? I didn't! Well, you'll have to forgive me for that one because we don't have a Forever 21 anywhere near me. So, as someone who has always just assumed that Forever 21 was a place where you'd find fashion for 21s and under, I was pleasantly surprised to see sizes that would fit my plus size body and styles that definitely appealed to me.

Here's some of items from Forever 21 that are now on my "I think I might like to have this" list!


Dresses are a new thing to me. I only just started considering them them 2 summers ago. Before that, I really couldn't stand my body in a dress. I just needed to figure out which dress style fit my body and actually made me feel feminine and not self-conscious. Turns out, for me, that's a maxi dress. I see 2 that I'm immediately drawn to at the moment:

1/Plus Size Tropical Maxi Dress/I'm a big fan of a floral maxi dress and I'm loving the new tropical colours and prints that have made a comeback this season. 2/Plus-Size Off-The-Shoulder-Dress/I like the vertical stripes in this one and the colours are very "grown-up" but the style is young and fun with the flounce and side-slit.


I am most definitely a pants kinda gal. Pants are my comfort zone. Here are a few different types of pants that I now have my eye on.

1/Plus-Size High-Rise Denim Pants/Okay, I'm pretty much in love with this "light olive" colour. I feel like that's a good colour for spring, summer, and fall! 2/Plus-Size Floral Palazzo Pants/Am I crazy for loving these? Maybe it's because they remind me of a similar pair I used to have in the 90s. Everything old is new again, I suppose. 3/Plus-Size Moto Jeans/Love the side-zip on these legs!

Cardigans and Kimonos

I'm all about a nice comfy cardigan but kimono-type styles are starting to come back again and that makes me crazy happy because I've always been a fan.

1/Plus-Size Dolman Cardigan/Loving the Dolman sleeves on this one. Looks super comfy! 2/Plus-Size Floral Kimono/Now that is a pretty appliqué, isn't it?


Since it's August, I'm starting to think a little bit about fall and outerwear now. Speaking of 90s, when I saw this it definitely appealed to "Monique circa 1993", when I had picked up a fantastic old Army jacket from the local Army Surplus store. I haven't worn anything camo in years but I'm definitely digging this coat.

1/Plus-Size Camo Patch Jacket/The two things I like most about this jacket is the hood and the cinched back which is always very flattering.

The only area that I really didn't see anything I like was in their "Tops" section. That's not to say that they didn't have a great selection but just that none of them were really to my taste.  That might change once the new fall styles arrive.

As someone who, full-disclosure, isn't the biggest fan of shopping for clothes, I'm happy to see that there are more online options now for us plus-size women. It makes me feel happy to see that we now have more choice then ever before. Now that I now that Forever 21 has a great plus-size line, I'll be sure to keep an eye on their website for even more styles!