What's In My Makeup Bag Today

With the darker season, I'm finding myself going for a more smokey rose look this time of year to give me that 'I've-just-been-out-in-the-cold' rosy glow. Check out what you'll find in my makeup bag below.

  1. Benefit POREfessional Pore Primer. Honestly, I've yet to find a pore primer that really works to minimize my crater-sized pores but this one is lightweight and does an okay-ish job. I'm still on the hunt for that perfect pore minimizer, truthfully.
  2. Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation. GAME CHANGER! This is easily the best drugstore brand full coverage makeup ever. If you use a makeup sponge applicator remember to wet your sponge to apply this. A little goes a long way and this stuff has staying power. I will admit that is is a bit drying so, if you have dry skin this might not be for you. Although you could try mixing in some of your favourite moisturizing SPF cream to it though to see if that might be less drying.
  3. Colorevolution Mineral Foundation. This is a loose powder which will help finish off your foundation look. I use it sparingly but it helps to add a bit of extra matte to my foundation which I like.
  4. Elizabeth Arden Cool Glow Cheek Tint. I am LOVING these cheek tints! They're a wet product so you'll need to just dab it on using your finger. It's very buildable and has lasts a long time. They definitely give you that blushed/dewy look.
  5. NYX Tinted Brow Mascara. Perfect for someone (like me) who no longer wants to fiddle with trying to get the perfect drawn-on eyebrows and is happy to go "au naturel", but needs a bit of a plumping up. The 90s were hard on my brows y'all! Remember: brows are not twins, they're sisters!
  6. Cover Girl TruNaked Eye Shadow Palette. I don't always wear eye shadow because I have sensitive eyes but I do like the pigment and the price range on this palette. They come in different colours but, at the moment, I'm all about the Roses palette.
  7. Lancôme Grandiôse Extreme Volumizing Mascara. I've tried others but I just keep going back to this one. It gives my sparse eyelashes the boost they need and that wand is perfection--PERFECTION I say!
  8. Lancôme Matte Shaker. Okay, these are my new favourite thing. I love the colours, I love the applicator, I love the watery texture, and it smells and, frankly, tastes good. The staying power is about a medium. It will last though your morning coffee but you'll have to re-apply after lunch.

What's in your makeup bag right now? How often do you change up your products?

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