Lessons Learned from BlogJam Atlantic 2018


I attended my very first BlogJam this year and I’m so very glad I just happened to randomly see the Facebook Event in my news feed.

I didn’t know what to expect. I was going on my own and I would know, no one. I was definitely nervous and my anxiety levels were quite high but I bought my ticket and travelled up to Moncton, New Brunswick for a weekend full of bloggy goodness.

So here’s a few insights that I picked up from the sessions I attended this past weekend:

  • Do it (whatever ‘it’ is) because it’s what you want to do—stop waiting for gold stars or permission to do it.

  • You’re always going to be tweaking at things, so just start. Start!

  • Don’t put out content just to put it out—share things that might help people.

  • People are following you for you. The more you share of your life, the more connections you’ll have with your audience.

  • You don’t have to live an exceptional life for it to be shareable.

  • Take care of all the people who always share and like your stuff.

  • You have to get out from behind your screen and let people see you – connections are important.

  • Believe it or not, YOU are a brand!

  • Your story is what differentiates you from the blogger next to you.

  • You have to hold yourself accountable to make your intentions a reality.

  • You have to put in the work - there’s no shortcut.

  • Be a part of the blogger community—don’t just create, participate (both online and in person).

  • Small fish or not, you deserve to be in the room-you deserve a seat at the table.

  • If you want to gain followers ask them to follow you!

  • Do it! Stop not doing it!

  • It’s okay to take inspiration from other people’s ideas.

  • You’re not alone—someone will always be out there relating to your story, even the negative ones.

I definitely got the sense that this was a special BlogJam. Many of us were having not just blog breakthroughs but personal and emotional breakthroughs as well. I ended up dealing with some emotional things that I 100% never thought I’d be dealing with this weekend. It was unexpected and I learned a lot about me and some things I need to work on. What was eye-opening though was that I got to see I was not alone in some of my struggles. Like, genuinely! Right down to an actual show of hands display, when the question was asked, “who else feels like this'‘? It was amazing to realize that the things I struggle with are the same struggles others have. Pretty powerful stuff.

I met some amazing people, made some wonderful connections, and I’m so excited to put what I learned into practice.

Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for making this past weekend, one I’ll never forget.

*image shamelessly stolen from the BlogJam website (thanks!)

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