My experience using the Calm app


This isn't an ad but I thought I'd share my experience with using the Calm app. I started subscribing to the Calm app sometime within the last month or so and it's really helped me get to sleep every night, which has been a problem for me since early 2017.

I have major anxiety about where my arms are placed and ensuring they're not bent after waking up in excruciating pain back in 2017 when cubital tunnel in my left arm first made itself known. Back then I had to go to physio and massage therapy and was off work for a week because my arm had completely seized up and I couldn't straighten it. It was the worst pain I've ever been in and lasted for months.Trying to get to sleep was torture and staying asleep was impossible.

Unfortunately, my doctor confirmed this week that cubital tunnel has flared up in my right arm now; but, thankfully, because I've been thinking that's what it might be, I've been doing the same stretches that I did the last time so it's not been as painful. The biggest thing you need to do at night is ensure you're sleeping with your arms straight and not bent. So, of course, lately my anxiety has been super high again about that. It would take me hours to try and fall asleep because of the paranoia of waking up in agony like I did in 2017. Finally, when I did get to sleep, I'd find myself waking up many times throughout the night when I'd feel my arms moving even in the slightest. So my sleep was constantly broken.

Needless to say, going to bed became something I hated to do. It was annoying, frustrating, and had me on edge.

I thought I'd give the Calm app a try to see if it might help me with my sleep and, I'm happy to report that it has. I've been using it every night this month and it's helped calm and relax me and usually has me asleep within 15-20 minutes, where normally it might take me up to 3 hours. Even though I do still wake up a number of times, my anxiety about my arms being straight isn't as high. It's still there but, because I was so relaxed about going to sleep in the first place, it's helped my anxiety when I wake up and notice my arms are bent. I'm not as panicky about it. I'll straighten them carefully, and then use some of the techniques I've learned through the Calm app to go back to sleep.

I've been told by my doctor that I need to go for a soft splint fitting now to wear at bedtime. Hopefully, once I have that, the anxiety of always trying to ensure my arms are straight while I'm sleeping will go away and my sleep will improve even more. In about 6-8 weeks of using the splint, I might need to see a nerve specialist if my condition doesn't improve. From there, the specialist will determine if I need to have surgery.

For now though, I've got physio and massage therapy sessions booked twice a week for 6 weeks starting next week to try and heal my body. A big part of the healing process also means that my body is getting plenty of healthy rest and, thankfully, I feel that the Calm app is really helping me with that already.

I don't have any discount codes or anything to share but, if you have trouble sleeping, maybe give the free version a try. As I said, I pay to subscribe to it so I get all the benefits but the free version may be enough to help if you're having trouble at night.

Here are some of my favourite ones from the app that I’ve been using:

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