My 2019 Resolution


Every single year on this day, people all over the world are busy either making or starting their resolutions for the new year. I’ve done it a number of times over my life too with, frankly, pathetic results. This year I decided to make a resolution that was a bit different than the usual, ‘I will loose x-amount-of-pounds by x-date’. No, this year’s resolution isn’t about trying to fix what I think is wrong with my body, it is to simply be kind to myself.

At 43, I’ve decided it’s finally time to give myself the respect I deserve.

Most of my life I’ve been terrible to my heart, my head, and my body. I’m a good person…to others. I’m a kind person….to others. I’m not good or kind to me. I’ve never respected the house my spirit lives in.

So this year I’ve decided I want to be happy.

I want to smile more.

I want to laugh more.

I want to say ‘yes’ more.

I want go out more.

I want to live more.

I want to have fun.

I want to love my body as-is, always.

I want to feel strong.

I want to feel beautiful.

I want to feel sexy.

I want to feel confidence outwardly and inwardly.

I truly believe that all of these things will be achievable by simply being kinder to myself. Kindness is the key to many wonderful things that happen in this world, so why not be kinder to myself and see what happens to me?

Have you made a similar resolution? Let me know what you have in store for yourself in 2019! Whatever it is I hope it involves kindness toward yourself, my friends.

All the best new.png