On Being Authentic

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There is a shift happening and if you’re a content consumer or a content creator, you can feel it.


Have you seen it? Have you felt it? On every social platform, more and more bloggers, vloggers, and instagrammers are working hard at showing you their authentic selves as of of late. Curation will never disappear but I feel that content creators are certainly trying to bring us a better balance.

We all want to live vicariously through someone else. As consumers, seeing the Insta-perfect photos of the ‘I-wish-I-looked-like-her’ woman, living her best life in the big city with her mega-watt smile at how awesome her life is, has been great. But, after so many years of seeing the fantasy, we’re all a bit tired. Tired of consuming and tired of creating, perfection.

I believe that brands are taking notice and they’re having to make adjustments as well. So you’re seeing more and more average Jills with a smaller following who are getting opportunities that they never would have had in the past and that’s just awesome (and gives me hope haha!)

We’ve gone from being influenced by high-profile celebrities, to influencers, to the micro-influencer, and now we can definitely include the everywoman.

Here’s what I’ve been seeing lately on all the socials that really puts a genuine mega-watt smile on my face:

  • More body positivity.

  • More body acceptance.

  • More age celebration. (This is important to me as a 40-something.)

  • More kindness toward fellow creatives who would have at one time been considered a competitor.

  • More bravery with sharing “flaws” or deeply personal issues like chronic pain.

  • More honesty with campaigns (side note, I’m pro-influencer. It’s a JOB, folks. I have major respect for any influencer. These people work HARD. If you’re a nose-turner-upper, please go read Live With Elle’s post, “It's 2019, why are we still laughing at influencers?” and give credit where credit is due.)

  • More influencers only working with brands they actually trust and believe in. They don’t want to influence you to buy into something they, themselves, wouldn’t buy into. (Hello, Fyre!)

So, yes, curation will still be there but for every photo on the grid in a great outfit, there’s countless IG Stories of those same creators in their tracksuits, no makeup on, hair up, showing you their spaghetti stain and it’s fran-freaking-tastic.

Yay! I get spaghetti stains too!

Are you seeing the shift? Who are some of your favourite creators who you feel are authentic? Share their links in the comments so I can check them out!

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