Plus-Size Fashion Focus: ASOS Curve Dresses

I’m thinking 2019 might be the year of the dress for me and so I went on a little search online to see what brands had to offer my curvy body size. You guys, ASOS is really knocking it out of the park . This is not at all a sponsored post, this is just me being in awe of their selection. They have over 500 different styles to choose from and their online shop makes it easy to filter down to the ones you’d prefer to see. For my budget, I filtered on dresses from $0-$125 CAD.

I’ve taken the time to go through all 500+ dresses so I could share some of my favourites here with you. These are the ones that really caught my eye and I can’t wait to order some of them to wear! I’ll be sure to do an update post, once the ones I’ve decided on come in so stay tuned!

Come peruse with me because you might like some of these choices as well! Clicking on the image is a direct link to the product. All prices are accurate at the time of posting.

EDIT: I was just scrolling on Facebook and saw a promoted post from ASOS with a discount code: CA15. Give it a try!

Above the knee

  1. ASOS DESIGN Curve embroidered button through mini tea dress | C$100.99 | I love the sleeves, the shape and the embroidery. For a black dress, the florals make it very feminine.

  2. Pink Clove wrap dress with fluted sleeves in stripe | C$50.50 | Classic wrap dress in a kimono look. I imagine you could easily pair this with leggings if you weren’t too keen on the length.

  3. John Zack Plus plunge front skater dress in contrast leopard | C$105.20 | Talk about sex appeal. Once again, this could be easily paired with leggings and a strappy shoe.

  4. Boohoo Plus check smock dress in multi | C$52.60 | I can imagine a nice brown leather boot with this and maybe a nice brown belt to match.

  5. ASOS DESIGN Curve square neck linen mini sundress with wooden buckle in leopard print | C$52.60 | This is the perfect summer print dress. I think it’s safe to say that animal print isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s has longevity.

  6. ASOS DESIGN Curve embroidered wrap dress | C$63.12 | Again, I love the embroidery on this one.

At or below the knee

  1. Glamorous Curve midi shirt dress in check | C$79.95 | Just your everyday classic shirt dress.

  2. ASOS DESIGN Curve midi casual shirt dress with drawstring waist | C$73.64 | I feel like this one could really be done up if you pair it with some strappy shoes that tie up the leg, pull the sleeves up to 3/4” length, and add some bangles on your wrist and great statement earrings.

  3. ASOS DESIGN Curve Exclusive Pleated Slinky Kimono Midi Dress | C$79.95 | I mean how gorgeous is this Grecian-style dress. Love all those pleats! The strappy shoe is definitely a must with this one.

  4. Outrageous Fortune Plus ruffle wrap midi dress with fluted sleeve in giraffe print | C$63.12 | This is one of those classic ruffle wrap dresses that looks good on a woman at, literally, any age. From 16 years old to 96 years old, and beyond! You can’t go wrong with a pretty ruffle.

  5. John Zack Plus long sleeve wrap tie waist dress in leopard | C$94.68 | I just really love the blue in this one. You can probably get really creative with some blues in your eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara to play off the dress!

  6. ASOS DESIGN Curve sleeveless maxi dress in polka dot | C$34.72 | Ever since Pretty Woman, I’ve been obsessed with a polkadot dress. Oh my gosh, how pretty is this one?

  7. River Island Plus wrap front dress with tie neck detail in black | C$76.80 | Imagine the possibilities with this one? I definitely see lots of gold accents here.

  8. ASOS DESIGN Curve midi dress with pep hem in contrast check | C$58.91 | This one is simply beautiful but I feel it could be hit-or-miss. It looks great face-on but it might appear boxy from the side. That being said, that would be only a minor alteration from a seamstress to have it fit your body perfectly.

  9. ASOS CURVE Slinky Wrap Skirt Midi Dress with Neck Choker | C$39.98 | I feel if you have a more boxy shape, this would absolutely give you the curves you’re after.

  10. Maya Plus Long Sleeve Sequin Top Midi Dress With Tiered Tulle Skirt | C$79.95 | Oh my gosh, is this not the sweetest dress ever? I might have to get this one. It’s just too pretty!

Ankle length

  1. ASOS DESIGN Curve maxi dress with cape back and dipped hem | C$94.68 | I do love a good mustard yellow and this dress is so very pretty.

  2. PrettyLittleThing Plus tie side wrap front maxi dress in green chevron print | C$84.16 | I really love the 1970s boho chic style of this maxi. I can picture it with a wedge heel strappy shoe.

  3. ASOS DESIGN Curve tropical print frill back beach maxi dress | C$67.33 | Even though this is a beach dress, imagine the possibilities! You could wear a nice body suit under here and you’re good to go!

Hope you enjoyed my picks! Did you like any of these? Let me know in the comments if you’ve ordered any!

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