Single On Valentine's Day? NBD.


Ah, Valentine’s Day, or sometimes known as “Single Awareness Day”. I’ve spent years loathing this day and all the happy lovers. How dare they flaunt their couplehood and their happiness around me, a jaded singleton! I felt that way for a very long time until one year, many moons ago, when I was single and tired of feeling blue on this day.

Why can’t I celebrate love too? Why can’t I do a little self-love? I can and I will, gosh darn it! Bring on the love!

If you’re a “Single Lady” on this day, it really is no big deal! Here’s some things you can do to join in on the celebrations too!

  • Remind yourself that there’s nothing wrong with being single! Think of all the freedom!

  • Celebrate love and kindness in general! There’s a lot of things to be down about these days but the action and feeling of love/kindness/concern for your fellow man is not one of them. Love rocks! Go watch the following feel-good youtube video called, “There Are Still Good People”.

  • Take a genuine minute to think about people in your life that have loved you in the past and be grateful for their love. Could be a family member, could be a friend. Doesn’t matter, you’ve felt love and isn’t that a nice thought?

  • Take a genuine minute to think about people in your life who you know that, currently, love you and be grateful for their love. Could be your parents, could be your bestie. Doesn’t matter, you’re now loved and that’s wonderful!

  • Take a genuine minute to think about the people you’ve loved in the past and feel good about the fact that you’ve given love to someone. Some of them might no longer be with us, some of them might even be exs! Doesn’t matter, you loved at one point so good for you because that can take courage but, really, it shows you’re a good person with a good heart.

  • Celebrate YOU! You are worthy of love so go out and celebrate YOU by maybe:

    • giving yourself either an at-home facial, mani, pedi or splurge on a professional one

    • treating yourself to your favourite meal

    • treating yourself to your favourite dessert

    • buying yourself some flowers

    • watching your favourite movie in some cozy PJs

    • Buying yourself something new (doesn’t have to be big—maybe even just a new candle in your favourite fragrance)

  • If all else fails, remember—all that chocolate and candy goes on sale tomorrow! Yahooooo!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

All the best new.png