My 2019 trip to the UK

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In May I’ll be, once again, visiting the UK for a few weeks. This will be my 10th trip as a visitor (11 if you count 2015 when I lived there) and I swear I never get any less excited.

The UK, Bristol especially, is my other home. When I’m over there I feel happier, more alive, and excited about what each new day will hold. Leaving the UK is always a gut-wrenching and heart-breaking experience, so my goal is to hopefully move there again sometime in the very near future, if I can make that happen.

This trip is going to be even more exciting than usual because I’ll be travelling to Glasgow with my mother. My great-grandmother was Glaswegian and immigrated to Canada in 1909. Although the home where she was born and raised has long since been torn down and the area redeveloped, we’re just excited to say we’ve been where she was. I was only a toddler when she died so I don’t have any recollection of her but my mother adored her and many of the life lessons she learned were from her grandmother so I’m excited for my mom to be able to visit her grandmother’s hometown.

I’m so excited about this trip that I thought I’d share some of the attractions we’re hoping to visit this time around. We might not make it to all of them but they’re on the list and we’ve got our fingers crossed!








Bristol & Bath

We don’t have anything specific planned for Bristol and Bath other than to enjoy the heck out of ourselves, wander aimlessly, and meet up with good friends and “Bristol family”. I am going to go see Take That though which is super exciting. Hello Gary Barlow! * wink wink *


Mom’s never been to WSM before so I thought I’d show her around a bit. Just going to do a little day trip to the pier.


Brighton is definitely on the “hope to visit” list. I’ve been there 3 times before and I absolutely adore it. I’ve done a lot of the touristy things already so, if we make it there, we’ll probably just go for a couple of days to wander around.

There’s definitely a lot to try to fit in, in 3 weeks but I’m hoping I can get to most of it during the first two weeks and then kick back and enjoy my last week there with no real plans.

Have you been to any of these cities before? What are some places you think I’m missing off my list?

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