5 Little Things I'm Excited About

I’m learning to appreciate the little things so here’s a list of things that have me excited lately:

  • Audiobooks. Recently I discovered audiobooks and I couldn’t be happier about this. I know…I’m totally late to the game—oops! For years now I’ve really wanted to read more and I’ve had good intentions when I set my yearly reading challenge at Goodreads, but I’ve just not been able to find the time to sit down and quietly enjoy a book. I think, if you’ve not been a reader for a while (I used to read 6 books a week when I was in University), you really need been in the mood to read. My brain is just too busy these days and sitting still to read just doesn’t suit my lifestyle anymore. Enter Audible. This app has been so great for me. Now I can see how long a book should take to listen to and I can plan accordingly. Listening to audiobooks has made me feel like I’m finally accomplishing something I’ve felt I’ve not been very good at for years.

  • Bellabeat. I bought this piece of smart jewelry this month and it’s been helping me track my sleep patters, my cycle, my water intake, and my fitness (or lack thereof). I think what I do like about it is that it really has been the step counter and keeping me honest. Although I’m well-aware of how inactive I am, the Bellabeat daily step counter has been a hard truth to face. I’m not sure yet on what my plan of action for being more active will be, but I’m excited to see those steps move from 3,000 to 10,000 over the coming weeks. I’ll forever be a work in progress.

  • Getting to crack open my new 2019-2020 Kate Spade planner next month. Oh, the feeling of using new “school supplies” is never lost on me. I love being able to use new pens or pencils and I especially love a new notebook or a new planner. I can’t wait to start using this one next month!

  • Trying skinfix. When I turned 30 I broke out in Keratosis Pilaris on my back. For 14 years now I’ve been dealing with this annoying skin condition and I typically have to apply a medicated Topicort cream once-twice a week. This medicated cream has been known to thin the skin though so I’ve been looking for some alternatives. I’ve heard some good things about skinfix resurface+ (body scrub and cream). I bought them both from Sephora and they’ve just arrived in the mail this week so I’m excited to give it a try to see if this will help me.

  • Spa day. This weekend I’ve booked a spa day for myself at Nakai Spa and I cannot wait. I’m getting the “Peel & Firm” facial and the “Hot Stone Relaxation Massage”. Whoo-hoooooo!

So what about you? What are 5 little things you’re excited about? Are you travelling anywhere? Any new products you’ve bought? Are you getting a new puppy? Tell me, I’d love to know!

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