My Top 5 Lipstick Shades

I love lipstick. Frankly, I have too many colours but I do tend to stick to these 5 shades mostly. Some are matte, some are gloss, some are balm. All make me feel great! Click the image to be taken to their website.

Lise Waiter Rouge Gourmand Glow Hydrating Lip Balm in “Granita”

Juicy. Juicy. Juicy. I love this tinted lip balm. It’s so dewy and fun! It doesn’t have lasting power but it’s great for casual daytime wear.

Coco Chanel Hydrating Sheer Lipshine in “Shipshape”

This one has the same juicy consistency as the Lise Watier above but it does have a bit longer wear. The pigment is pretty true as well so the colour you see, is the colour you’ll wear.

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor in “HD Vineyard”

A luxurious creme lipstick, this Revlon has some pretty good wearability and I love the applicator. Also, this stuff smells amazing!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in “Wine With Everything”

This has been a staple of mine since the early noughties (at least). I don’t know what I’ll ever do if Revlon stops making this lip colour. Just a gorgeous, robust red.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Colour in “Craving Coral”

For an inexpensive drugstore brand, this matte lipstick is not drying and it has great lasting power. It’s super pigmented too so you get a lot of bang for your buck with this one.

These are my top 5, what are yours? Do you have any staple lip colours? Let me know in the comments!

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Life Experience: Cutting My Hair

A couple of weeks ago I made a decision that I never thought I’d make: I cut my hair short. By short, I mean short by my standards. It’s currently right below my shoulders. I’ve had medium-long hair since around 2005 so this was a big deal. I’m known for having long hair. People always comment on how nice my long hair is. So why did I cut it off?

Well, many times someone will cut their hair after or during a major life moment. That’s kind of what happened to me this time.

Without going into my personal life too much, my father has been quite ill since 2015 but this year he seemed to be getting a tiny bit better--until August that is. In August dad’s health took a quick down-turn and September was, frankly, awful with 2 ambulance rides to the emergency room and countless doctor and specialist visits, which are still ongoing.

We’re still trying to figure it all out together as a small, but close family and we’re all stressed in different ways.

All this stress was the main reason why I decided to cut my hair. If I look at the situation we’re in, the bottom line is I just wanted to escape, and I wanted to be someone else. Someone completely different. Reality and responsibility and just general adulthood don’t really allow us to cry and run away when things are overwhelming. So, I did the next best thing and I gave my hair the chop.

Do I regret it? No.

Do I miss it? I have moments but, for the most part, no.

That being said, cutting my hair shorter made me also accept the fact that I’ve been hiding behind my hair. I think, subconsciously, I felt like if you’re focused on my pretty, long hair you won’t be focused on the fact that I’m a plus-sized gal.

Having long hair also made me feel younger. So, now that I have a shorter hair I’m feeling more my age but I don’t think that’s a bad thing, necessarily.

In the end, the thing that I wanted with this haircut—to be someone else—is actually coming to fruition, in a way. I’m not able to hide behind my hair anymore and, because of that, I’ve been trying to address some of my insecurities about my size and my age. I also feel strangely a bit more in control of the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been riding since August with my father’s illness. I’ve been feeling like I was at the end of my rope and emotionally spent. Now I feel like I’ve had a bit of an awakening, and like I’m in the right headspace again to keep moving forward. That change can be something I can handle.

All because I cut my hair.

Have you even given your hair the chop? Did you regret it? Did you learn anything about yourself?

Let me know in the comments, I’d love it if you shared your experience.

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The Decision To Go Blonde

May 12 2018.jpg

For a few years now I've dreamt of going blonde. At the same time, I was terrified of doing this to my perfectly untouched (aka "virgin") hair so, to avoid making this scary decision, I just let it grow for the last 3 years!


This has been a great year so far. I'm healthier than I have been in a long time, I'm working out 2-3 times a week, and I've been feeling emotionally lighter than I have in years. The winds of change have been blowing and I really felt like now was the time to not just feel lighter but to look lighter.  Make my outsides match my insides, so to speak. :)

So, back at the end of March I booked an appointment with Adam Donnelly at Element 5 for a consultation on May 10th, with D-Day (Dye Day) on May 12th.

I had met Adam before and he had cut my hair a time or two in the past but going blonde was a huge, scary decision! I knew that I wanted someone who was well-respected in the local colouring world and Adam was my first choice.

The consultation went wonderfully with me telling Adam about all my fears and him explaining every single thing to me in wonderful, easy to understand, detail.  After my consultation, I could let go of all my fears and allow myself to be officially excited!

D-Day arrived! I snapped the above photo about an hour before my appointment as my own "before" photo. Adam did the same when I arrive at his station. Like me, I think he sensed that this was probably going to be a great transformation.

The process was fairly easy (again, because I had "virgin" hair) and took a few hours. The end result was utterly shocking.  I could not believe how amazing I felt by just having my hair lighter! Literally, the darkness lifted and I felt and looked so light! What a change!

After I said a HUGE thank you to Adam for his incredible work, I ran outside to the Saint John Boardwalk and found the brightest, sunniest spot I could find and snapped this "after" shot because I just felt so freaking beautiful! How rare is it to feel, literally, BEAUTIFUL?

May 12 2018_after2.jpg

So, I've lived as the blonde Monique for a week now and I can tell you that I still absolutely love it. I won't say I'll never be a brunette again but, for now, I am enjoying the hell out of being a blonde.

Thank you Adam!

What's the scariest thing you've ever done to your hair? Did you end up loving it or hating it?

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