Trying Something New: Pomegranates

I've never eaten a Pomegranate.

Sure, I've eaten and drank Pomegranate-flavoured things and I've even had some Pomegranate seeds in the bottom of some of restaurant-made cocktails (which I avoided eating because--was that just garnish or am I supposed to eat that). So, yeah, I've never actually tried to crack open and eat an actual Pomegranate.

The reality is, I had questions:

  • How do I open a Pomegranate?
  • What are the red things: seeds or fruit?
  • It looks like there's a seed in there so do I eat the whole thing or do I spit out the seed?
  • Do you eat one at a time or do you grab a spoon and dig in?

Fruit shouldn't be this technical!

I've been walking by the Pomegranate section in the grocery store for years staring at those red/brown circular things with shifty eyes and thinking, "not today, Pomegranate; not today".

But yesterday I walked by and thought, "oh why the hell not". So, I picked one up and brought it home determined to master this complicated fruit.

Full steam ahead!

Apparently there are a few ways to open Pomegranates.

Thanks to wikiHow, I learned there are (according to them at least) 4 methods of opening a Pomegranate. I chose the "Cutting Vertically" method:

Those red things are called "arils".

The fleshy/juicy part is called an aril and it surrounds and protects the white seed. So, I guess there's two parts to this thing.

So do I eat the seeds or what?

Well, according to the interwebs that's really your own preference. If you're all about texture differences, eating the seeds may be just the thing for you. If you're not, then spit those suckers out. The arils are scrumptious mixture of sweet and tart flavours and are packed with vitamin A, C, and B6. The seeds have a rich nutty flavour to them and they're chock-full of fibre. My preference, as it turns out, was to alternate between eating and not eating the seeds with each mouthful.

Dig in!

Golly gee, no. You don't just eat one at a time. Grab yourself a spoon and dig in!


Sure, I'd definitely eat this again. I'll probably give some of the other methods of opening them a try too.

Need More?

For more general information and some info about their health benefits (as well as a few ways to eat them) check out this video from Jamie Oliver: