Folow Friday / October 5th, 2018

Thank goodness it’s Follow Friday! Here’s a handful of people I’d definitely recommend you follow this week on Instagram. Click their username to be taken to their page.


Colin Moody (@moodycolin319)

Colin is a photojournalist and artist residing in Bristol, UK. His Instagram feed is full of fantastic street photography and he’s also got a photo book coming out this month titled “Stokes Croft And Montpelier” which you can order from The History Press HERE.


Hannahbella Nel (@hannahbella_nel)

Hannabella is a landscape and travel photographer also residing in Bristol, UK who has a real eye for the night sky. She’s been to some major scenic sites (including some in Canada-yay!) and snapped some super gorgeous shots. Be sure to follow her soon as she’s just about to embark on another adventure in Finnish Lapland!


Mr. Pokee the Hedgehog (@mr.pokee)

We all know the internet was created for cute animals so Mr. Pokee the hedgehog from Germany really needs to be in your feed. Trust me on this. You want cute? Oh he’s got it in spades!


Poppy Adams (@poppyadams)

Poppy is a plus size fashion blogger and makeup lover (I wish I had her talent) from Leigh, UK. She’s very active on her Instagram Stories which is really great. I swear this woman and her brother (@thebigbowwow) crack me the hell up on a regular basis. She’s just got a great personality and a fantastic sense of style that I truly admire.


Andrew O’Brien (@andrewtimothyob)

Andrew is, first and foremost, a fantastic gardener from Kent, UK. Lucky for us, he’s also a wonderful photographer and wordsmith. As someone who wishes she had a greener thumb, I really enjoy Andrews photography and, when we’re lucky, his Instagram Stories. If you love flora and photography then Andrew’s feed is what you’ve been missing in your life.

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Follow Friday: Instagram

I have 4 different Instagram accounts so I guess you can say I'm a fan of the platform. Here are some of my favourite Instagram users that I follow regularly, and you should too!


Jess has a love of colour that I can definitely relate to. Her photos are, frankly, pretty. I mean really pretty y'all. She's based out of Bristol, UK and I feel very fortunate that she's someone I can call a friend. Go give her a follow!


Is aerial photography your thing? Well, look no further because Adrian has got you covered. His shots of the UK are absolutely breathtaking. It makes me want to jump on a plane and go visit England immediately. Go give Adrian a follow!



Alicia is probably my favourite photographer from my hometown of Saint John, New Brunswick. Her photos really capture the serenity of our city and province and her captions are always so delightful. Go and follow Alicia to see more!



Do you like to travel but don't really have a budget?  You're in luck because this guy also loves to travel and his feed is full of all the wonderful places he visits. Go check out the_quandary_dog's feed and give him a follow!



Kate has a real gift for conceptual photography. Her locations are dreamlike and her subjects are always interesting. Go give Kate a follow!