Spotify Saturday

Welcome to the first Spotify Saturday! This weekend I’m feeling like the future is female and so I’ve created a playlist called just that. A reminder to all of us women that we’re stronger when we support each other.

In the words of Viola Davis:


Come have a listen to some of my favourite female artists and let me know some of yours! I’d love to add them to this playlist. Don’t forget to follow this playlist as it continues to grow!

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July Tunes: What I'm Listening To This Month

Here's some of the things in rotation on my Apple Music account, Spotify, and on my turntable this month! I've clearly had a penchant for soul and synth in July!

Have been looking for a little soul food lately and a friend suggested this yummy playlist on Spotify.  Come check it out if you're a fan of 60's soul.

Simply one of the greatest soundtracks of all time, in my humble opinion. I just picked up a vinyl copy of the 2015 Paisley Park remaster which was overseen by Prince himself.  This version includes the 1984 original packaging and poster! What a treat!

"Ain't No Sunshine" got stuck in my head one day so I sought out the album to listen to on Apple Music. I've had Just As I Am on heavy rotation this month.

I'm a big fan of Montreal's Arcade Fire. If you ever get a chance to see them live--do it!  You might get that chance very soon as their new album is coming out next week so a tour will soon follow. Knowing this band, their new album won't sound anything like Reflektor but I'm getting myself in an Arcade Fire frame of mind by reliving the excitement of their 2013 "senior-year" album.

The trailer for Stranger Things 2 was released this month and I got so excited I needed to go back and listen to one of my favorite synth/ethereal albums of 2016. Just hearing the theme song alone gives me chills!