The Sketchbook Project

Last month a Facebook friend tagged me in a post about something called "The Sketchbook Project". As someone who has journaled and art-journaled for years, I was very intrigued just by the name alone.

So, what is The Sketchbook Project, you ask?

"The Sketchbook Project is a global art project where you submit your sketchbook to the world's largest collection of sketchbooks at the Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, NY. Your sketchbook resides in the Library's permanent collection, travels to exhibitions across the country and becomes part of a massive worldwide community of creative people. Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can be a part of the project."

Count me in!

I ordered my sketchbook in June and just received it last week. You have to choose a theme for your sketchbook but they tell you that you don't need to be limited by it.  I, of course, chose to do my sketchbook on Bristol so I've titled it "Bristol: A Love Story". Cheesy, I know, but yes I really am in love with that city enough to do an entire sketchbook on it.

My sketches will be simple but whimsical as an homage to one of my favourite Bristol artists, Bethan Buss (aka, Boodle). I also hope to incorporate some collage elements into it as well, as a bit of an homage to another favourite Bristol artist, Emmeline Simpson. Finally, it's going to be super colourful but with lots of breathing room/space as an homage to my favourite Bristol photographer, Jessica Siggers (aka, Porthjess).

I've already got two pages done and I'm super pleased with how it's starting out:

I think the hardest part will be letting it go because I'll be so proud of it and it will probably be my favourite journal I've ever done, considering the topic.

Want to join me in all the fun?  Order your journal HERE!

A global crowdsourced art project. Anyone, from anywhere, can sign up, receive a sketchbook, fill it up and submit it to become part of the world's largest collection of artists books. Learn more at