Finding More Energy

I've had a number of things that have been big energy sucks for me over the last couple of years of my life. Some of these energy goblins have involved social media so I've been able to eliminate these by simply un-following and spending a bit less time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.. Other energy drainers have been due to bigger issues that I've struggled with such as anxiety, depression, and weight gain.

In my attempt to try and remedy this situation, I asked around to see what tips any of my friends might have on how to give my energy levels a boost. Here are their suggestions:

  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Water
  • More Sleep
  • More exercise
  • Eliminate wheat and sugar

All good suggestions! That last one is a doozy for me though so I'll have to put that one on the shelf for now. The others though, these are things I can do!

So, a week ago I started taking vitamin B complex and a type of multivitamin for women that is supposed to aid energy levels and metabolism function.

I had purchased the Boots brand Vitamin B Complex the last time I was in Bristol and then promptly forgot I had them so--bonus! The GNC Women's Ultra Mega Energy & Metabolism pills were a new purchase. These "Ultra Mega" pills have good levels of vitamin C and D as well as a few other energy-happy nutrients.

With vitamins now covered, I also went back to trying to get in my 8-8oz glasses of water a day. I've been finding that it's easier to do this if you have a water bottle that holds at least 16 oz. This way it doesn't seem like such a monumental task, if you're not a huge water drinker. To be honest, I'm not a big anything drinker so trying to get in 8-8oz glasses of any liquid is a big deal for me. Finding tricks like using my S'Well bottle (which also keeps my water cold) has helped.

On to more sleep. I've been pretty consistent in the last week in getting to bed at 11:30pm, doing a tiny bit of reading and then going to sleep with earplugs in. When necessary, I've also started adding in a Kundalini Yoga healing chant at the suggestion of a good friend in order to help calm my mind and body a bit more at bedtime (it works!).

As far as more exercise, this is always a bone of contention for me. I'll be honest I really hate gyms and I hate most exercise with the exception of going for long walks and casually riding my bicycle. The only other time I've enjoyed getting in shape was when I used to play roller derby (go Fog City Rollers!) which was many moons ago. One friend suggested martial arts which I would absolutely love but I don't feel I'm mentally or physically there yet when it comes to putting money down and committing to a sport. In the future though, I really like this idea. I have a friend in Australia (hi Erin!) who joined Jiu Jitsu maybe a year ago and I'm so utterly impressed and inspired by her. She's so cool! At the moment I live vicariously through her until I can find my own chi. Love you girl! In the meantime, my next hurdle is to tackle this suggestion head on with doing more of what I do love--making time for walking and riding my bicycle, even if it's just around the block to start. Those are things I can physically do.

Overall, I will say that after only 7 days of taking vitamins, drinking more water, and getting proper sleep, my energy levels have improved by about an additional 50%. I still have moments where I think a nap would be amazing but I keep myself rather busy during the early evenings now so that when I do go to bed, I'm tired enough to actually fall asleep.

Do you have energy slumps? What are some of your tips?

Personal Challenge: Only Water For A Week

In the quest to give my body a little love and affection, I decided last week to go on a small detox by watching my sugar intake and cutting out all drinks other than water. So this meant no pop, no juice, no tea (*gasp*), no coffee, no spirits, and no whatever else you can think of. I was only allowing myself to drink water and that's it.

Here's how my week-long water adventure went.

Day 1

Well, aside from the fact that I almost forgot that I was on an a water-only regime twice today, the day wasn't bad actually. I went to the market and didn't get a fruit smoothie, and I even went to Starbucks and only bought a bottle of water! Overall it was a success with no cravings.

Day 2

I thought maybe I should add some lemon to my water but, no, I decided to be a purist. Today I had cravings. I wanted tea soooooooooooo bad! I could smell it being made in the house and it was a bit sad when I couldn't have any. I found myself having to remind family that, no, I don't want a glass of pop with my meal or no, I can't have a cup of tea but thanks anyway. I'm definitely peeing more than usual!

Day 3

WOW! It's like the magic skin fairy came and gave me great skin overnight! What. The. Heck?! In hindsight I should have taken a morning selfie with my amazing new hydrated skin so I can finally use the caption, "I woke up like this." I am utterly amazed! I groggily woke up in the morning, shuffled off to the bathroom, went to look at my usually tired face and morning hair in the mirror when I saw it! The skin on my face looked the best it has in YEARS! I cannot believe this drastic change. I'm more determined than ever, now that I can actually see evidence, that by just drinking your daily water your skin can actually look nourished. I'm in shock. All day long I can't stop touching my face to see if it's really real. Still no dry skin? Check! Wow...

Day 4

Skin still looks fantastic! I'm downing water like it's a cure-all. Cravings be damned, water is the fountain of youth y'all! This water challenge is a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Day 5

This has been a day. Work was very busy and stressful today and all I can think about is how badly I just want a cup of tea to sooth my nerves. I actually take great pleasure in the act of making tea. For me, the whole thing is like a ceremony. I have a certain tea I use, a certain tea pot, a certain tea bag holder, a few choices of pretty bone china mugs, and everything is in its place and well-timed for a perfect cup of tea. So, today I just sniffed the canister with my tea bags. Yes, I sniffed my Earl Grey tea. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get by. I sniffed my tea and then I drank a lot more water. Surprisingly, I noticed that I had a bit more energy at the end of my work day than I normally would on tough days like this. So, difficult day but another successful one!

Day 6

Home stretch! Turns out water is not that bad taste-wise, and today I found myself craving it like it was a sweet nectar that I couldn't get enough of.  Skin still looking good and, in fact, seems to be improving all over my body. I didn't have as much energy as I did yesterday at the end of another difficult workday but at this point reaching for a glass of water rather than anything else seems to feel a lot more natural. I find myself taking a bit more time to get a glass down but that's because I think I'm really starting to enjoy it and want to take my time with it.

Day 7

I made it! I'd say that, overall, this has been a good personal challenge and I feel really happy that I was able to complete it without any major hiccups. I feel good that I was doing something nice for my body. Now that I can see the results for myself, I know that this little week challenge has changed my views on what types of liquid I ingest. I can't quit tea forever so I know I'll be incorporating that back in but this has been really eye opening to me. Drinking my daily 8 glasses of water is now going to be a higher priority in my life. I think future me will really thank me for this. :)