Below is a list of guest blogs and style features where you can find me. Click the site name to be taken to their website.


Guest Blogs

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Strange Grooves

Music community, podcasts, blogs, reviews + concert experiences, vinyl collections, memories, from & for anyone who loves music & wants to share.

You can find my page here:

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She Who Wanders

From top spots to eat in Paris, favourite hikes in Vancouver, best sights in Montreal & so much more.

You can find my contribution here:

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East Coast Influence

From time to time my blog content is featured on the East Cost Influence Facebook page that showcases content from bloggers in Atlantic Canada.

To find my posts, search “moniquegionet” (all one word) in the “Posts” section.

Style Features


First-and-foremost, we are a women’s fashion clothing company with a fashion personality and identity of our own. We make clothes just for you, not to just fit well, but also to have the neckline, sleeve, and length work for you. We also make every garment to your exact height.



Penningtons is the Canadian plus-size fashion leader. We are committed to being our customer’s partner and advocate for body diversity and size acceptance. We want to showcase her sense of style, encourage her to be fearless, and give her the opportunity to show society that willingness, capability and drive are blind to prejudice.